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Tanaka's Martial Arts Academy

Good Manners - Respect -Self Discipline

York, Alaska, United States

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Business Type : Martial Arts Equipment & Supplies, Martial Arts Instruction, Private Schools (K-12), Schools, Sporting Goods
Address : 2701 Fairbanks St Ste 200, Anchorage, AK 99503
Coordinate : 61.189953,-149.89384
Phone : (907) 274-0951
Year : 1969
Payment : Cash, Check, Master card, Visa
Opening Hours :
Mon - Sat : 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sun : Closed

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General Info:

Karate Do is a Japanese Martial Art. The lessons learned in Karate, such as manners, respect, self-discipline, perseverance and cooperation are actually reflections of everyday life. The challenges encountered through studying Karate help us to discover our own mental and physical limitations, furthermore pushing us to strive beyond these limits. Studying Karate helps not only to teach us to defend against physical attacks, but to defend ourselves from our own weaknesses - the negative thoughts and emotions that inhabit our minds. Through studying Karate at Tanaka's Martial Arts Academy, we learn the self-discipline and commitment to face and overcome our weaknesses and to develop true self-confidence in our lives. The ultimate goal in studying Karate at Tanaka's Martial ArtsAcademy is the improvement of our character. Through Studying Karate we develop ourselves to the fullest potential physically and mentally to become a better person. Karate is Life. Life is Karate. Call anytime. Class Schedule & Private Lessons Available.

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