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Business Type : Baseball Clubs & Parks
Address : PO Box 518, Higley, AZ 85236
Coordinate : 33.302383,-111.69692
Phone : (630) 362-0419
Year : 2020
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General Info:

This is team Arizona baseball ACADEMY’S overview for a player’s SUCCESS. BASEBALL is a very competitive environment that is trying to kick a player OUT!!! only a FEW of the most elite players will play AT the highest LEVEL. WHAT really is the goal for players & PARENTS: PLAYERS. To love the game. Winning & competing. Parents. Love to watch their SON play the game & excel. The goal AT taba is for players & families to excel player’s skills & fundamentals. Through player development in summer. Fall. Winter. Lessons. Strength & conditioning program and a Player’s intangibles. To allow players to receive a scholarship. Investment issue: for the PLAYER. . IS to work hard. PUT in the time on the field and on HIS OWN along with maintaining and balancing Academic SUCCESS. PARENTS please understand your investment is financial $$$. NO different than the stock market but much better return on your MONEY. PLAYERS must LET HIS parents know what HIS commitment level to the game and what HE wants OUT of the game. HIS answer should BE: scholarship. When a player is ALL in with commitment, a parent should BE ALL in financially. Parents. Please understand the KEY is for YOU. Invest a little money on your Son’s baseball today. That YOU will save on the cost of your Son’s college education.

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