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Business Type : Sports & Entertainment Centers
Address : 621 W 6th Ave Alaska Center For The Performing Arts, Anchorage, AK 99501
Coordinate : 61.217155,-149.89435
Phone : (907) 263-2993
Year : 2020
Opening Hours :
Mon - Sun : 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
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General Info:

'AurorA - Alaska's Great Northern Lights' is a seasonal 100% Alaskan owned, designed and operated presentation open daily from May 24th through September 1st. 'AurorA' is not a "documentary" about aurora. But rather 'AurorA' is a very rare collection of auroral occurrences over many years showing people worldwide what a remarkable natural event the aurora is across the grand night skies of Alaska. Although mostly photographed with high resolution films in the pre-digital age, with recent leaps in High Definition technology, 'AurorA' is now projected in HD Blu-Ray(R) quality. The introduction has a portion of science about aurora but the rest of the show contains stunning images played to original music scores. This is the result of the desire to capture the absolute best auroral displays Alaska has to offer. Having chased aurora across Alaska since early autumn of 1980, I've found it to be the most difficult subject matter and task to be devoted to. There are countless hours in the field, the need for unending patience, more lost sleep than one can even begin to imagine and my 'office' is extremely cold most of the time.

Other Information:

Parking: Lot

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